Hello and thank you for visiting Kenz Boutique.  My name is Diana Howell, owner and founder of Kenz Boutique.  Growing up as a child, I lived in a household where fashion played an important role in my life.  My Mother has been my biggest inspiration of fashion through all these years.  With her many talents, my favorite memory is when she would sketch me out these beautiful paper dolls.  I would name them all, color, cut and change their outfits.  How fun it is to be a girl!  As you may have already noticed, I name most of the apparel you see here at Kenz Boutique.  I’m still putting together cute outfits, maybe not dressing up paper dolls, but definitely still trying to dress up my daughter.  Who knew that sitting in the fabric stores for hours, and watching my Mother make patterns and sew, would lead me into creating my own business in the fashion industry?  Sometimes, “If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney.

I began my career in the fashion industry in 2014 with my business Design 2M Press, decorating custom apparel for individuals.  In 2019, I decided I wanted more than just designing and decorating, I wanted to be able to help individuals style their wardrobes.  So, I began an online boutique for women to help the ladies design their own wardrobe and add to it.

About Us
Kenz Boutique is an online boutique offering trendy, chic, casual, and stylish apparel and accessories for young contemporary, working Mothers and ladies that are passionate about style.  We are a one stop shop providing you with quality affordable fashion.

We also believe that dreams can come true so “Dream Big, Work Hard, and Make It Happen” and don’t forget to check out our D2MP (Design 2M Press) Customs section.  Our custom section was designed to offer custom made designs by our free lance designers.  We only do custom work for Kenz Boutique.  However, we believe in helping our local small businesses grow so from time to time D2MP will collaborate with our choice of a small business.  For more information, or to see if we have an opportunity to help your business grow, please email.  Also, please check our blog section and social media to see the new trends and what is happening here at Kenz Boutique.

Our mission is simple. We set out every day to offer high quality products to help women look and feel beautiful.